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Alter Cycles is Bozeman's core bicycle shop specializing in the finest repair services and bespoke custom built bikes from Intense, Knolly, Foundry, and Fairdale. Suspension, brakes, shifting, road and mountain bike fit, we do it with the best customer service in the region. Happy Trails!


Fine Tunes


We pride ourselves above all else on performing the most detailed bicycle work in the region in a timely manner. All of our major services include a race-wash and safety inspection to make sure you're getting the most from your dollar before we ever turn a wrench.


Suspension, hydraulic Brakes, wheel building, the newest-in-new electronic drivetrains – you name it and we pride ourselves in tuning them all like clockwork. We have been turning wrenches for fine shops and pro teams for nearly 50 years combined, and we still wake up everyday excited to learn something new.

Every bicycle's needs and wants are unique, so it can be difficult to list all our service prices here, however here are a few of our more popular services we offer. We offer free estimates and appointments, so please feel free to call or stop in. We also offer pickup and delivery.


Tune Packages

Often times after we tune a bike we're hear that it never rode as well when it was new. ...Not to ring our own cow bell or anything.



Suspension comes out of the box built for an "average sized male of average skill". If this does not describe you - we can probably fix that, just ask!



Control. We find it makes the sport a slightly more enjoyable experience, kinda like a properly-packed parachute makes jumping out of planes slightly less terrifying.




Wheels are the single most important part of the bicycle. Well, other than you - but we all know you're perfect.



We rent + sell the Bike Travel Bag Pro from EVOC, Call or email for pricing + availability.