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Alter Cycles is Bozeman's core bicycle shop specializing in the finest repair services and bespoke custom built bikes from Intense, Knolly, Foundry, and Fairdale. Suspension, brakes, shifting, road and mountain bike fit, we do it with the best customer service in the region. Happy Trails!


We believe that cycling is just as much about camaraderie as the activity itself.


Every Friday  |  HAPP!EST HOUR!

Join us every Friday of the year at 5pm for our "HAPP!EST HOUR!" cycling community gatherings.

As active founding members of our local mountain bike club, The Dirt Concern of GVBC, we've learned the sure-fire way to get riders together and get things done is to provide the beer. Come have a pint of local craft brewer Outlaw's finest selection of the week on the house, check out the newest bike vids, meet new peeps, plan weekend rides, or discuss issues and ideas that will better our cycling community. Oh, and we have a pong table too. Family friendly, bring the little rippers!



Tuesdays in Season  |  #soenduro MTB Rides

Every Tuesday evening during the bike season join us for an all-inclusive group ride leaving from the shop @ 6pm sharp. A mini-grill lives in Stevo's truck, so a trailhead BBQ (with Sklar Bikes slingshots) usually follows too, BYO!

Focused to the average trail-bike rider, these rides are about having fun out in the woods with your friends. While we're all about including everyone, if you're a timid beginner or Strava hero, this maybe isn't the ride for you - but call and ask, Stevo is a coach and likes to race in the real world.

Weather dependent with a different trail every week - make sure to follow our Facebook page or call the shop the day of for updates.


World Cup Finals BBQs

The 2015 MTB World Cup kicks off Sunday 4/12! Almost every Sunday there's a WC DH Final, we go for a ride and end at the shop to grill some meat, have a few beers and watch the replay of the DH final from the day!

Normally we'll open the shop at 5:30(pm) BYOB, something to grill and something to share... or just show up after a ride and order a pizza, you're an adult and you can make your own decisions. Keep an eye on our Facespace for any last minute updates and the ride for the day if it happens.