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Alter Cycles is Bozeman's core bicycle shop specializing in the finest repair services and bespoke custom built bikes from Intense, Knolly, Foundry, and Fairdale. Suspension, brakes, shifting, road and mountain bike fit, we do it with the best customer service in the region. Happy Trails!

Moose Charges Riders (In Alaska)

Many fear a bear or cat encounter while pedaling in the woods surrounding Bozeman (they're mostly black bears if you can still see town, but know the difference) - but if you're one that has spent much time up in 'dem hills you might be more aware of the dangers of a moose encounter going bad. I've personally had brief standoffs by moose twice, as well as grizzly once, and caught cat stalking twice - it does happen.

Always be conscious of your surroundings and keep an ear out (I guarantee nature will always sound better than anything on your iDevice - at least have one ear free), and "bear" spray is only helpful if you can still make your first move to the trigger while having 800lbs on top of you.

...Not to sound like an old man, but then I'm the type that always keeps a shaving edge on my knife, and considers sawdust cologne (had to look up how to spell that). 

Happy Trails,